Granny Camp, the book, is filled with Love, Fun and Fabulous ideas! This book teaches you how to have the time of your life with your grandchildren while creating never-to-be-forgotten memories for you and them!



What is Granny Camp?
Granny Camp is a set amount of time—usually a week and usually in the summer—when all or some of your grandchildren come to your home.

Whether your grandchildren live close or far away, 

Granny Camp is…

  • A time to spend a special day or week of QUALITY time with each other without the parents.
  • A time to create lasting memories for the grandchildren.
  • A time for cousins to all get to know each other better.
  • A time to remember your own childhood, recreate the fun times and pass that on to the next generation.

Granny Camp is a wonderfully personal way to show LOVE for your grandchildren and show it in the adventure of a lifetime.
Read “Granny Camp, How to Bond with your Grandchildren” and decide to become a “Camp Director.”  You will never regret the exchange of love!!! 

Granny Camp: How to Bond with Your Grandchildren

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