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DIY Napkin Rings

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Being in charge of a bridal shower can be quite stressful. Whether it’s your first or twenty-first time planning a party, the juggling act of it all can often present challenges; especially when looking for cheap but stylish ways to decorate your event. Well, check this place setting piece off your to-do list as we show you a quick, inexpensive & trendy way to add flare to your fete.

What do I need?

Materials for a party of 20-30 // All under [$00.00]!

Your choice of holder: metal cuffs (thick), shower curtain rings (thinner) or floral wire (thinnest) Prices may vary, but the style remains rockin’!

Find your flowers: daisies, roses, succulents

It is good to base the flowers on what season it is & your desired look or theme for the occasion. Unless your green thumb points you in a different direction, we’re going with faux florals for now!

Wrap ‘em up: twine, yarn, paint, or your desired supply to give your napkin rings a uniform look

Purchase according to number of holders needed; it’s better to have too much than not enough!

Hot glue gun

Hot glue gun glue sticks


Let’s get started!

Lay out all your materials and start with the flowers:

Choose a flower & cut off any stems or excess pieces.

If you like the look of the stem on the flower, we have included that look paired with the floral wire, as well. Both are super simple & super cute!

Once you have chosen your desired piece, hot glue the flower (stem side) to the holder of your choice. Repeat until number of place settings match the number of guests attending the party! They should look something like this:

Bella Curious Hosted Event: Birthday Tea Party

Once you have given the glue a second or two to dry, it’s time to cover the holders with your green twine or yarn. This is optional! If you find green rings or like a little pop of metal, leave the holder as is. If you chose a ring-less or cuff-less arrangement, go ahead and pull out the floral wire & we will show you how to complete this look, too! Secure one end of string with hot glue to the underside of the holder (the side that will be directly touching the napkin). Start wrapping, close & tight, all the way around the holder; go around a second time if you want a thicker layer of green. It should look seamless, like in the picture below: insert picture

For a more rustic look, keep the stems on your flowers & use floral wire in a similar way to green twine or yarn. Wrap the wire a few times around a napkin (you can use a folded paper towel or piece of paper to get the same shape) and cut it; repeat for each place setting. Once formed into desired ring, set aside and start wrapping floral wire around the stem of the flower. You can do this as freely as you would like! Fasten flower to wire ring with hot glue like you see here: insert picture

All that is left to do is slide your new floral holders onto your now notable napkins & let the artsy envy ensue!

How easy was that! Now there is a personal pop to your place setting that took under 10 minutes, you crafty genius!

Bella Curious Hosted Event: Bridal Shower

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