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Bella Curious specializes in event planning services & creative management to clients & small business owners in Kansas City & beyond.


It has been a long time dream of mine to start my own business.  I have worked with a variety of companies, organizations & individuals helping me gain the hands-on experience needed to plan & execute events to meet my client’s expectations.



Although event planning is my specialty, I have grown to love helping small businesses with their Social Media & Web Design.  I have decided to provide an affordable way to help small businesses grow their company & become noticed in their community.   

Tricia Dierks

Say Simple Creative’s process and designs were informed by repossess provided in the exploratory questionnaire. After reading about the importance of the rabbit Bella, and the desire to incorporate at least her name into the new identity, we ran with the idea. Through research,

we found that rabbits represent a number of things including: cleverness, wit and cunning.

Say Simple Creative recognized a real opportunity here! Considering Bella Curious’ mission of helping small business owners stand out amongst competitors and connect with target markets through smart, data-driven, and relevant marketing tactics, the clever and curious rabbit (Bella) seemed like an ideal symbol for the brand. Thus, it has been incorporated into most graphics, which all assume a fun, simple, vintage aesthetic.

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