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I’m passionate about helping men & women make sustainable lifestyle changes for their mind, body & soul. 

Hi! I'm Tricia Dierks & my wellness journey started after I began to emerge from years of struggling with anxiety & depression. I realized that if something was going to change for the better then it was up to me to make that happen because no one else was in control of my life. I had no idea how important healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits correlated with a clear mind.

I have aligned with a company that focuses on the person as a whole.  I am now able to share what I have learned to empower people to love themselves & understand the importance of sustainable healthy living in a simple & toxic free way with an incredible & encouraging community to surround them.

I have always loved to help & care for people, so I want to help you & your family live a happy & healthy lifestyle.

It is so important to take matters into your own hands to take care of yourself & do something for you. It is not selfish, it's necessary.  The only way you can intentionally care for others is if you take care of your own body & mind first. 

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